Overview of Services

Quick Med Claims (QMC) provides emergency medical transportation billing, reimbursement and financial management services, and other professional services to medical transportation providers. Our broad national experience, along with our extensive experience with providers of various sizes and scopes, allows QMC to provide quality emergency medical transportation billing and reimbursement services to a diverse constituency. QMC provides services for emergency medical transport organizations with differing organization structures, including fire department based providers, governmental providers. hospital based providers, municipal third service providers, not for profit providers and private providers.

QMC provides services for emergency medical transportation organizations offering different levels of service, including wheelchair transport, BLS Transport, ALS Transport, Specialty Care Transport, Rotor Wing Transport and Fixed Wing

  • Wheelchair Transport
  • BLS Transport
  • ALS Transport
  • Specialty Care Transport
  • Rotor Wing Transport
  • Fixed Wing Transport

QMC provides services for emergency medical transport organizations with a wide range of transport profiles, including:

  • Low Volume Providers (less than 1,000 transports per year)
  • High Volume Providers (more than 40,000 transports per year)
  • Ground Providers
  • Air Providers
  • Multi-Modal (Ground and Air) Providers

Our commitment to excellent service ensures our client organizations and the patients they serve have the best experience possible. QMC commits the resources necessary to meet the objectives of the client organization. It is our commitment to our clients and our personal attention to detail that sets QMC apart from other suppliers.