Reimbursement Reality Check

Reimbursement Reality Check The Good Old Days! Remember back about ten years ago when we got those really nice Medicare increases each year? We remember! One year 5%, another year 3; it sure was nice and it helped us keep up with the rising costs of everything that makes our EMS agencies go. With Medicare […]

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Small Change- Significant Impact

Small Change- Significant Impact New Year, New Numbers With the New Year comes new changes, especially from Medicare. We’ve all become accustomed to each new calendar year ushering in changes to the Medicare fee schedule. The New Year brings new numbers with dollar signs. This year, for the first time ever those numbers carried a […]

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Explaining the Ambulance Inflation Factor

Explaining the Ambulance Inflation Factor This Week This week the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced the Ambulance Inflation Factor (AIF) for Calendar Year 2016 (CY 2016). For the first time ever the AIF is a negative value, meaning it will impact the National Medicare Ambulance Fee Schedule by a negative four tenths of […]

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Additional Cut Looms for Ambulance Industry

Additional Cut Looms for Ambulance Industry More Bad News This week saw more bad news for the ambulance industry. Leading economic indicators are pointing to a projected negative Ambulance Inflation Factor for 2016. It is projected that the AIF value in the New Year will decrease Medicare ambulance payments by -0.5%. While the number is […]

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Medicare Ambulance Relief Extension in Congressional Hands

Medicare Ambulance Relief Extension in Congressional Hands Congressional Republicans Propose Relief Extension for 2012 Congressional Republicans have included a one-year extension of Medicare ambulance relief as part of their proposed package to extend the payroll tax holiday, the physician fix and a few other provisions. The American Ambulance Association has also announced that they have […]

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