363 and Counting!

363 and Counting! Cue the Shark Song! Da-dun. Da-dun. Da-dun, da-dun, da-dun… Can you hear it in your head? The “Jaws” theme playing as the fin approaches closer and closer through the water… It’s coming! No not a ferocious shark with big teeth but a big monster for sure and it’s called… ICD-10!!!!!!!!! Not a […]

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12 More Months/ICD-10 Delayed?

12 More Months/ICD-10 Delayed? Good News! Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a stop-gap measure to once again extend the ambulance bonus payments for another year. That’s really good news! Better News… But even better news was another part of the same bill passage. That part sets up a delay in the implementation of […]

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Hop Aboard the ICD-10 Train!

Hop Aboard the ICD-10 Train! It’s coming… By now, if you’re a regular reader of these blog posts, you are well aware that ICD-10 is coming. As a reminder, ICD-10 is short for the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision. You can certainly look at our blog archives and check in with our full explanation […]

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Effectively Documenting Cold Weather Emergencies

Effectively Documenting Cold Weather Emergencies Brrrrrrrr….. Thanks to an unusual shift in the jet stream resulting in a prolonged visit from the phenomenon known as the polar vortex, much of the United States, including even such unlikely places as the deep South have seen one of the coldest winters ever to be recorded. When prolonged […]

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A “Fractured” Tale

A “Fractured” Tale That time of year… The weather alerts started hitting the phone early this morning. Starting overnight, those of us here in Northeastern Pennsylvania will be anticipating a blanket of 4-6 inches of snow come tomorrow. Depending on where you are located as your reading this post, you may or may not be […]

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What’s the Question?

What’s the Question? “9-1-1, Do you have an emergency?” A large majority of the ambulance scenarios we handle start with that very question. But what about the questions you, as the provider on the scene, are asking? Do you ask the probing questions that it takes to properly assess, treat and ultimately document your EMS […]

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Discovering the Weakness about “Weakness”

Discovering the Weakness about “Weakness” Common Scenario If we earned a dollar for every “weakness” response we’ve handled over the years, collectively we could more than adequately fund every EMS system in the United States with the newest trucks, latest equipment and all providers would be driving some expensive European luxury car. But, now that […]

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