Historic Election- Now What?

Historic Election- Now What? You’ve Lived History How many of you stayed up most, if not all night on Election Day? As EMS providers, most of us are used to weird hours and sleep deprivation anyway. Even if you were alerted for a call, our guess is you found yourself huddled around the TV screen in […]

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Medicare for All?

Medicare for All? Feel the Burn After two weeks of the major party political conventions, we can truthfully say we “feel the burn!” Hold on…we’re not taking political sides. Note that it’s “burn” and not “Bern” that we feel, as in “burn out.” Our presidential campaigns in the United States are far too long. After […]

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Presidential Politics and EMS

Presidential Politics and EMS Possibly the Most Colorful Race Ever In case you haven’t noticed, 2016 ushers in another Presidential election year. It’s time for the United States of America to elect a new White House occupant. This election cycle is turning out to be one of the most colorful ever in U.S. history as […]

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Insurance Coverage Doesn’t Mean Insurance Payment

Insurance Coverage Doesn’t Mean Insurance Payment In the news… The local newspaper that serves the area surrounding the offices featured a story about a large hospital system in this area that is realizing significantly lower insurance payments as the effects of the Affordable Healthcare Act (a.k.a. “Obamacare”) kick in. “Just because there are more insured, […]

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Taking Aim at System Abusers

Taking Aim at System Abusers Past History- “Villainizing” the Service Providers If you follow the news regarding entitlements like we do, then you have probably noticed a growing trend toward what we consider to be the “villainizing” of healthcare providers that bill Medicare and Medicaid. Everyone seems to want to blame the ills of the […]

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