What’s the Question?

What’s the Question? “9-1-1, Do you have an emergency?” A large majority of the ambulance scenarios we handle start with that very question. But what about the questions you, as the provider on the scene, are asking? Do you ask the probing questions that it takes to properly assess, treat and ultimately document your EMS […]

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“My Belly Hurts!”

“My Belly Hurts!” Could it be a protruding alien creature? You’re on-call today. The pager trips and the dispatcher announces that the EMS system has been activated by a 57 year old male patient complaining of abdominal pain. Just because it’s Halloween your mind races to visions of aliens protruding from the patient’s abdomen in […]

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What a Pain!

What a Pain! We do pain! A lot of what we do in EMS involves patients in pain. Pain is a key component of medical emergencies and traumatic injuries of all shapes and sizes. While it may not be the patient’s chief complaint, there’s no doubt that a majority of the scenarios we respond include a […]

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