Influenza The Ambulance Documentation

Influenza. The Ambulance. Documentation.

Influenza. The Ambulance. Documentation. An Annual Topic It’s flu season once again. Given that this blog originates from a desk located in the northeastern United States, we can tell you that the flu has hit here with a vengeance. H1N1 is back to visit and was predominantly prevalent across the United States with influenza A […]

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Documenting Winter Weather Related Events 11 16 2018

Documenting Winter Weather Related Events

Documenting Winter Weather Related Events Boom! Out of nowhere came the first winter storm of the 2018-2019 season, hitting the Northeast and affecting several of our billing company offices this week. So, while the white stuff is tops in our minds, it’s time to loop back to our annual discussion surrounding how to adequately document […]

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Winter Flu Season- How to Document?

Winter Flu Season- How to Document? Holidays Behind Us…Enter Flu Season We trust that you had a wonderful holiday season filled with many WARM memories (and we emphasize WARM!) We’re back to our normal routine so let’s dig into a direct documentation topic…. How to document transports that are initiated either directly or indirectly due […]

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Dissecting “The Misunderstoods”- Part II- Billing for SCT

Dissecting “The Misunderstoods”- Part II- Billing for SCT Bloggers note- early last year we posted a popular 2-part series talking about a subject we affectionately called “The Misunderstoods.” Because we periodically field questions about these two levels of service and the complexity of documenting properly to obtain maximum reimbursement, we’re offering up the series again […]

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What Service is Not Available?

What Service is Not Available? Inter-Facility Transfers This week’s blog will focus on inter-facility transports. For the most part we’ll discuss hospital-to-hospital transfers where the patient has been treated at one hospital but must move to a different hospital in most cases for care that is not provided at the facility where they currently are […]

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Please!

Sign-In Please! “Will the next mystery guest sign-in please?” Back in the sixties there was this popular TV show that began with this question. The viewer got to see who the celebrity was based on the person’s signature and the contestants had to guess who the person was by asking questions about the person. Signatures in […]

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To Bill or Not to Bill?

To Bill or Not to Bill? Shakespearian EMS? We can only wonder what the documentation would look like if the great bard Shakespeare would have been a member of the EMS community. “Dispatheth via troubadour to yonder hamlet for a person swooning with the vapors.” Okay…enough of that. But we borrow a take on the […]

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