Transporting SNF Residents: Choosing the Proper Payer

Transporting SNF Residents: Choosing the Proper Payer This week the industry experts at Page, Wolfberg and Wirth ( posted an excellent article in the EMS Legal Update on regarding how to choose the proper insurance payer when transporting Skilled Nursing Facility residents by ambulance. The information is so important that we decided to share with […]

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Origins and Destinations

Origins and Destinations Where am I? We were reminded when adding some new facility locations into our ambulance billing office computer system this week how confusing the types of facilities can become. Today, a single pick-up and/or drop-off location for an ambulance can serve several capacities. Literally one address, one building even, can house several […]

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Our Documentation Quiz

Our Documentation Quiz Pop Quiz Regular readers of this space know that we focus a lot on Patient Care Reports and the documentation in those reports. The real purpose of this blog space is to help all of you become better documenters while calling your attention to the rules and regulations that are in place […]

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Movement Barriers and Medical Necessity

Movement Barriers and Medical Necessity Outside-the-Norm Questions Our office receives questions from our EMS agency clients, periodically, regarding patients that have some kind of movement barrier connected to the treatment/transport scenario. These are the patients that have some sort of physical or structural challenge that exists between where they reside and the point where they […]

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Non-Emergency Transports- Two Questions to ALWAYS Ask

Non-Emergency Transports- Two Questions to ALWAYS Ask Big Brother’s Watching! Never before has the ambulance industry been so much under the microscope when it comes to billing and receiving payment for ambulance transports- especially non-emergency transports. Federal Government, State Governments, you name it. “Big Brother” is watching what we do. The focus has increased dramatically […]

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