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Quick Med Claims is pleased to announce a new and exciting series of LIVE webinars for our client leaders and staff. These programs have been designed to better assist you with key topics affecting the emergency medical service industry. The QMC webinars will provide an opportunity to obtain important information through our various educational offerings. Additionally, you’ll hear from clients across the country as to how they are addressing key issues affecting them on a daily basis via our 10Q30 (Ten Questions in Thirty Minutes) webinars. Please check back often for updated speakers and topics. We look forward to having you register for our upcoming presentations.

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Documentation is one of the least favorite parts of the EMS Provider’s role. However, next to patient care, it is one of the most important things you can do.

Documentation is a critical element of any patient interaction and part of the patient’s permanent medical record. An accurate record of the care provided in the field can play a critical role in the subsequent treatment of patients in an ED, trauma center or other receiving facilities.

This program reviews best documentation practices as well as pitfalls to avoid when documenting an electronic patient care report (ePCR). Additionally, the program reviews “hotspots” that may lead to denials or further inquiries from payers.


November 19, 2020

Documentation Training for EMS Personnel

3:00 pm (EST)


This program is available for all personnel with involvement in the emergency medical services and the air medical industry. The webinar is structured for both the air and ground industry. Should you have questions regarding class content or participation please contact

The QMC Speakers Series is conducted throughout the year for our valued clients. These webinar presentations are offered without charge to our clients. QMC utilizes leaders from both within and outside the organization to keep our clients updated on key industry topics including compliance, leadership, reimbursement, personnel management and more. We encourage you to register and attend an upcoming program.


November 17, 2020

Understanding Cyber-security and Important Considerations for Emergency Medical Services

3:00 PM EST


Seems like a day doesn’t go by where the local or national news doesn’t comment about a cyber-attack or security breach.  Cyber-security is a hot topic across most every industry in America today.  EMS is no exception and can be, in many cases, an easy target if you don’t take detailed precautions at your base of operations.  Please join Rich Boyde, Chief Technology Officer for Quick Med Claims as he provides an unique and informative view of precautions that your organization needs to pay strict attention to and key elements that your organization should be monitoring on a regular basis to protect yourselves.  This is going to be a great and informative presentation so register early as space is limited.

Be sure to check out this unique informational series in which QMC client partners from across the country are featured by answering ten questions in thirty minutes (10Q30). Learn how other organizations are addressing topics affecting our industry such as employee retention, safety for the caregiver, managing the opioid epidemic, leadership accountability, community paramedicine, job stress, and succession planning.  Join us in networking with clients across the country through this LIVE series.

Program length: 30 minutes
Target audience: EMS Directors, Supervisors and those in Leadership Roles


November 18, 2020

QMC 10Q30 Client Profile Series: Client Organization TBA*

3:00 pm (EST)


*If your organization is interested in being featured in an upcoming QMC 10Q30 webinar please contact

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A camera on your computer is not required to be part of QMC webinars. To view the webinar presentation at air time, please click on the URL link sent to you after registration.

Registration Required. You will receive an email invitation with a link to view the presentation on the scheduled date/time. Each program closes 48 hours prior to the class start date/time. We reserve the right to cancel programs where registration is not adequate. You will be notified prior to the scheduled program if this does occur.