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Quick Med Claims (QMC) presents The Board and Collar Podcast Series for EMS Professionals. This uniquely developed pod-platform provides specialized programs for our listeners with thought-provoking and informative presentations including EMS Keynote, EMS Diagrams and revival of the acclaimed EMS pod-magazine, Excuse My Medic (starting August 2019).
A Day in the Life of EMS Economics

Economics affects every business and every person. Understanding and preparing for the economic impact on your EMS organization is important and your ticket to keeping the lights on year round. Do you have a budget and do you conform to it each year or do you just spend when there's a couple of extra dollars in the bank account? On this edition of the QMC EMS|Board & Collar we look at defining your operation and working with EMS economics to keep you afloat through the year. Guessing, is no longer a viable option for survival. Research, plan and implement with a sound road map for managing everything from capital purchases to personnel staffing to the number of 4x4 dressings. It's a day in the life of EMS economics.Speaker's Note: Special thanks goes to Bob Holdsworth, President of The Holdsworth Group for today's podcast. Bob is a well-respected veteran paramedic, entrepreneur and founder of The Holdsworth Group, an international consulting firm that has been providing marketing, strategic planning and executive coaching services to clients in the EMS, healthcare and government arenas since 1988. Thanks to Bob and feel free to contact him at: bob@holdsworth.com

Presented by: B. HoldsworthWritten by: Bob Holdsworth of The Holdsworth Group

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