QMC Leadership Team

A National Leader Requires Quality Leadership

Our clients benefit from our expertise.

The strength of Quick Med Claims rests with the quality of the people who comprise our team. QMC leadership is committed to the success of the organization and the clients that place their trust in QMC.

The QMC leadership team is comprised of a diverse group of professionals who have been assembled with the sole purpose of providing the best billing and reimbursement service available in a manner that promotes the financial health of the client organization. The team includes backgrounds in banking/finance, entrepreneurial pursuits, not-for-profit organizations, manufacturing, the retail/service sector and health care. Ownership recruited each member of the team both for the specific talent they possess and the fit with the organization. This combination of sound leadership, a common vision for the organization, and the commitment to recruit and retain the best personnel is the hallmark of the QMC success story.

Meet Our Leadership Team