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Answers to some of the most common questions that have come across our desk are provided below. If you want to know more, we encourage you to reach out to our Business Development Team for additional information or to schedule a face-to-face meeting.

Quick Med Claims has seven (7) offices across the US, with our company headquarters in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. We also have offices in Danville, Pennsylvania; Plano and San Antonio, Texas; Cromwell, Connecticut; Kansas City, Missouri and Omaha, Nebraska.

QMC has provided emergency medical transportation billing services since 1991.

QMC’s business is 100% dedicated to providing billing and reimbursement services for air and ground emergency medical transportation organizations. We do not have any other sources of revenue or other lines of business.

QMC is both! While we’ve grown through the years from two to more than 400 employees, we still give every client the same attention and superior service we set out to deliver 27 years ago. With QMC, you get the experience of a large company with all the personalized service of a small one.

Most of the time, QMC charges a percentage of the net revenue collected on behalf of the client during the previous month. A percentage-based fee benefits the client because it doesn’t require an upfront cash investment while it does incentivize your billing partner to work every account to its maximum allowable reimbursement. We can also structure pricing as a flat monthly rate, a per trip fee, or other preferred method.

Yes! QMC continually invests in our compliance infrastructure to ensure that we are up to date on every facet of EMS billing regulatory compliance at every level – local, state and federal. Our compliance infrastructure is comprised of dedicated compliance staff including a Corporate Compliance Officer and Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer; regular internal and external audits including an annual third-party audit performed by the law firm of Page, Wolfberg and Wirth (PWW); and the counsel of industry experts via our relationship with PWW for ongoing compliance expertise.

Yes! QMC receives annual third-party audits to ensure compliance with SOC 2 Type 2 certification.

QMC performs scheduled system backup procedures to store client data locally and replicate data on bi-coastal servers.

Yes! More than 215 QMC team members are Certified Ambulance Coders (CACs) through the NAAC (National Association of Ambulance Compliance). Our team also includes one (1) Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer (CAPO) and three (3) Certified Ambulance Documentation Specialists (CADS).

QMC wants to be a member of your team, not just your billing company. The tempo of our client relationships is dictated by the needs of the client. We’re here to work hand in hand with our clients, and have the staff to back up this approach. We recommend that client leadership meet with their QMC billing team at least once a month.

Yes! QMC works with each client to understand the reports they need, how often they need them, and how they want to receive them. Then we prepare a set of reports that will be run per the schedule (e.g. monthly, weekly, bi-monthly) and sent to the right client contact via email or hardcopy. We know that billing results improve when our clients are engaged, which is why we provide the tools to stay informed throughout our partnership.

Absolutely! QMC provides documentation training for our clients that reinforces key elements of properly documenting every trip for maximum compliance and billing accuracy.

Yes! QMC will be happy provide references that are similar in size, scope and location to your organization. Simply Get Started to request QMC client references.

QMC provides a superior patient experience with every interaction by making it personal. From the start, we give every new client a toll-free number that rings directly to an experienced Patient Service Specialist in our US-based Patient Call Center. Patient calls are answered with a customized greeting, “Good Morning, Your Ambulance Service Billing Department; This is Susan; How may I help you?”

Yes! QMC’s Patient Access Portal allows patients to securely access their account and pay their bill and update their account information.

Yes! Whether you’re considering a partnership with QMC or already a client, we are always ready to host visitors at our offices. You’re welcome to come meet with us and we’d also love to come to you and meet with your leadership and crews. Simply Get Started to request a visit at your place or ours!

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