Ground & Air Medical Billing

We’re committed to providing the services necessary to obtain maximum reimbursement.


QMC's Team Approach

QMC clients receive personal attention and a sound line of communication that results in a strong partnership based on trust.

Insurance Verification

QMC personnel work closely with each client organization to obtain and verify applicable patient insurance information.

Claims Processing

QMC processes every claim according to the most efficient protocol depending on the services provided and considering the client billing philosophy.

Accounts Receivable Management

QMC provides proactive accounts receivable management to ensure that all opportunities for third-party reimbursement are exhausted within timely filing guidelines.

Review and Appeals

QMC works closely with our clients to pursue additional review and appeal claims whenever appropriate.

Software Integration Support

QMC works with our client partners to plan and implement software integration opportunities that benefit the billing process.

KPIs and Benchmarking

QMC leadership works with our client partners to establish a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) to serve as benchmarks for their billing and reimbursement program, including: days in sales outstanding, average collection per transport, percent of cash from collection agencies.
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