Changes? Include Your Billing Office!

Changes? Include Your Billing Office! What’s New? What’s new in EMS? There are plenty of new things happening in EMS. The very nature of EMS is change. We are learning and learning fast about the outcomes from what we do in the field so there is a lot happening in the world of pre-hospital care, […]

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When Compassion and Compliance Collide

When Compassion and Compliance Collide New initiatives By now many of you, especially those of you who provide scheduled, routine, non-emergency transports (ie. Dialysis, radiation, etc.) are becoming aware of a new Medicare trial initiative for pre-authorizing approval for claims submitted for these types of transports. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) chose […]

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Who’s the New Guy? Really?

Who’s the New Guy? Really? The new hire… Staffing is tight. You just worked an extra 16 hours this week to fill the holes in the schedule which looks like swiss cheese on paper. In walks someone new that you never met. He (or she) sticks out his hand, shakes firmly and proceeds to explain […]

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Between the Lines

Between the Lines Never a Time We’re going to begin this post with a blunt statement. There is never a time when your ambulance billing office can read between the lines! We talk A LOT about the documentation of ambulance transports in this space. Today we’re going to get about as fundament as we can […]

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The Next Big Change- ICD-10

The Next Big Change- ICD-10 Sit up and take notice! Sit up and take notice! This one’s all you. The content of this blog space is about a new coding initiative. So right now we’ll bet your thinking… “Awesome! Enhanced has this thing under control. Good for them.” Because coding is a billing company thing. […]

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Sign on the Dotted Line, Please!

Sign on the Dotted Line, Please! Version 2.1 Hits the Streets This week our good friends at the premiere EMS law firm in the United States, Page, Wolfberg and Wirth, released the latest version of the patient signature and authorization form which has fast become the compliance standard in the ambulance industry. Once again, PWW […]

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Results A difference? All of us in EMS grow to realize more and more that it’s not about just what we do, but that what we do makes a difference. We can all remember our earliest days in EMS. None of us really had a clue. So, much about our experience was about the “stuff” […]

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“Service Not Reasonable and Necessary”

“Service Not Reasonable and Necessary” Part II Welcome back to Part II of our look at Palmetto GBA’s widespread review of ambulance services in the second quarter of fiscal year 2013. You’ll recall that last week we really focused on Palmetto’s comments concerning signatures and how their presence of lack thereof influenced their decision to […]

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