An EMS Biller's Motivation

An EMS Biller’s Motivation

An EMS Biller’s Motivation Gotta love it! EMS billing is a very unique and interesting occupation. Ya gotta love it, for sure, to do it. We love EMS billing and everything to do with EMS billing, including billing for ground and air ambulance transports, paratransit trips, mobile integrated healthcare services, and even paramedic intercepts. The […]

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Influenza The Ambulance Documentation

Influenza. The Ambulance. Documentation.

Influenza. The Ambulance. Documentation. An Annual Topic It’s flu season once again. Given that this blog originates from a desk located in the northeastern United States, we can tell you that the flu has hit here with a vengeance. H1N1 is back to visit and was predominantly prevalent across the United States with influenza A […]

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Ambulance Industry Legislation Update

Ambulance Industry Legislation Update In this space… Over a few month we reported in this space about legislation in several States that had the potential to impact the ambulance industry in a big way. Since those posts, there have been some positive developments on a few fronts. Pennsylvania Legislation Passes The new State budget passed […]

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The Moms of EMS- A Tribute

The Moms of EMS- A Tribute Sunday Sunday’s a big day! It’s Mother’s Day. It’s a day that we celebrate the one person we literally cannot do without simply because…well…we physically wouldn’t be here without our moms. And…that got us thinking about the Mom’s that make up EMS. What will their Sunday look like? ALERT! […]

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Clear. Clinical. Documentation.

Clear. Clinical. Documentation. Bloggers note- we posted this blog almost a year ago to the day. It’s one of those topics that never gets old and the information remains as important as it was the first day we posted it. All of us must keep this important concept in mind when documenting our EMS transports. […]

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“NICE” by Default

“NICE” by Default Naughty or Nice? It’s that time of year when we all wonder where we fall on ol’ Saint Nick’s magic list. Where do you stand? Will a big old lump of coal hit your stocking or will Santa hit your chimney with a whole bunch of toys? It’s the stuff we have […]

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