The Power of the “Pre-Auth”!

The Power of the “Pre-Auth”! Necessary Evil! The American healthcare picture has increasingly become more complex. The advent of the Affordable Care Act and other changes have ushered in literally thousands of new healthcare insurance coverage options. These options change all the time and each year new plans with new rules and requirements spring up. […]

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Presidential Politics and EMS

Presidential Politics and EMS Possibly the Most Colorful Race Ever In case you haven’t noticed, 2016 ushers in another Presidential election year. It’s time for the United States of America to elect a new White House occupant. This election cycle is turning out to be one of the most colorful ever in U.S. history as […]

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“That” Person

“That” Person A People Game EMS is a people game. Be it fellow first responders, patients, facility staff, the “town fathers”, the media or whomever we encounter; part of being a really good EMS provider is learning how to effectively deal with other people. For the most part, those who remain in EMS for a […]

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