To Bill or Not to Bill?

To Bill or Not to Bill? Shakespearian EMS? We can only wonder what the documentation would look like if the great bard Shakespeare would have been a member of the EMS community. “Dispatheth via troubadour to yonder hamlet for a person swooning with the vapors.” Okay…enough of that. But we borrow a take on the […]

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EMS Facing Uncertainty in 2017

EMS Facing Uncertainty in 2017 Happy New Year! We’re just two weeks from shouting Happy New Year! The year 2017 is just around the corner and the ambulance industry faces unusual uncertainties surrounding funding and reimbursements in the upcoming year. Just before we begin the two-week celebration of Christmas and New Years Day, we thought […]

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Historic Election- Now What?

Historic Election- Now What? You’ve Lived History How many of you stayed up most, if not all night on Election Day? As EMS providers, most of us are used to weird hours and sleep deprivation anyway. Even if you were alerted for a call, our guess is you found yourself huddled around the TV screen in […]

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How Severe is Severe?

How Severe is Severe? Part III Welcome to Part III of our “Documentation as a Habit” series! Two weeks ago we embarked on this series noting the necessity for EMS agencies to be intentional about Patient Care Report documentation review. The series focused on explaining the coding considerations that every EMS provider must consider when […]

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Documentation Review as a Habit

Documentation Review as a Habit Put it on the calendar! Because more than ever before, detailed clear clinical documentation in the Patient Care Report (PCR) is critical to the mission, it’s time for every EMS agency to pick a date and time to regularly meet and discuss run sheet documentation. Of course, this blog space is […]

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Other Methods of Transportation are Contraindicated

Other Methods of Transportation are Contraindicated Medical Necessity Defined We talk a lot about Medical Necessity in the ambulance billing office. Medical necessity and Reasonableness are key in determining whether or not an insurance payer is obligated to pay for ambulance transport, especially for Medicare and Medicaid patients. Title XVIII of the Social Security Act […]

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Medicare for All?

Medicare for All? Feel the Burn After two weeks of the major party political conventions, we can truthfully say we “feel the burn!” Hold on…we’re not taking political sides. Note that it’s “burn” and not “Bern” that we feel, as in “burn out.” Our presidential campaigns in the United States are far too long. After […]

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L.A.T.T.D. = Billing Success

L.A.T.T.D. = Billing Success Often asked… Our billing office is often asked the question by EMS agency administrators; “What do we need to do to collect the most dollars?” Simple question, not-so-easy answer. However, you can put forth a plan that we refer to as L.A.T.T.D. and you’ll find that your ambulance billing program and […]

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Of “Ambulance Drivers” and “Emergencies”

Of “Ambulance Drivers” and “Emergencies” All of the times… Can you count all of the times that you have been labeled an “ambulance driver”? Nearly half a decade removed from the dawn of modern EMS, to our neighbors that’s what we are…ambulance drivers. Regardless of all of the hours you’ve spent training to attain your […]

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