Understanding Ground Ambulance Charges-Part III

Understanding Ground Ambulance Charges-Part III Ambulance Billing is Different Ambulance billing is different. Really medical billing as a whole is different than any other type of billing or business practice, but ambulance differs at yet another level than even other medical billing disciplines. In any other business line, one makes a product or delivers a […]

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The Payer Mix Barometer

The Payer Mix Barometer Fascination Remember those big old barometers that your father or grandfather had on his desk or hanging on the wall? It probably had the company logo of the business where he worked and was one of those milestone gifts one picks out of a catalog of “rewards” to recognize years of […]

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Shorter Timelines = Greater Dollar$

Shorter Timelines = Greater Dollar$ The time between… Rising costs and stale reimbursement is causing everyone in the EMS industry to take a long hard look at the bottom line. Today we’ll be focusing on three key parts of the billing timeline. Do you know what the time is that lapses between the incident and […]

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