You Can't Lead If Others Don't Follow

This is Non-Negotiable

This is Non-Negotiable What if successful leadership isn’t really that complicated? What if there is one fundamental thing that determines whether people follow you as a leader? No, it’s not a title, a position of power, or an endorsement that you are in charge. What if one aspect of leadership is non-negotiable; a must-have characteristic […]

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An EMS Biller's Motivation

An EMS Biller’s Motivation

An EMS Biller’s Motivation Gotta love it! EMS billing is a very unique and interesting occupation. Ya gotta love it, for sure, to do it. We love EMS billing and everything to do with EMS billing, including billing for ground and air ambulance transports, paratransit trips, mobile integrated healthcare services, and even paramedic intercepts. The […]

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The Power of EMS in Politics

The Power of EMS in Politics What’s it all mean? It’s hard to ignore that we are fast rolling into the election cycle to choose the next President of the United States. Media outlets everywhere are bombarding us with the latest sound bites and poll numbers, ad nauseum. But, what’s it all mean for EMS. […]

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