Influenza The Ambulance Documentation

Influenza. The Ambulance. Documentation.

Influenza. The Ambulance. Documentation. An Annual Topic It’s flu season once again. Given that this blog originates from a desk located in the northeastern United States, we can tell you that the flu has hit here with a vengeance. H1N1 is back to visit and was predominantly prevalent across the United States with influenza A […]

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Flu-Like Symptoms- How to Document?

Flu-Like Symptoms- How to Document? Spring? Spring has sprung…or has it? Given that we just experienced a major east coast winter snow storm just two weeks ago with New England about to get hammered again, it appears that Mother Nature is a bit confused. The Flu! Because Mother Nature is confused we see a lingering […]

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Winter Flu Season- How to Document?

Winter Flu Season- How to Document? Welcome Back! We trust that you had a wonderful holiday season filled with many warm memories. We’re back to our normal routine so let’s dig into a direct documentation topic…. How to document transports that are initiated either directly or indirectly due to the effects of influenza. The Flu! […]

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