A Good “Deal”…but at what Price $$$?

Every Dollar Counts…

Those of us who have spent a great deal of time in and around EMS know that every dollar counts! In this day and age, when the economy is sluggish at best, it’s more important than even to keep a keen eye on the bottom line.

We understand the importance of that botom line here.

Not another flyer…

We’re sure that you receive your fair share of flyers and brochures from other ambulance billing companies on a regular basis. We know that a fair share of competing companies try to entice you to take a look at their service using a bare-bone pricing approach. The old adage, “you get what you pay for” certainly comes to mind, but take a deeper look at what this all can mean to the average billing company’s client.

Are we really going to save?…

What does one-quarter, one-half or even a full percent or 50 cents or a Dollar per trip difference mean to the average ambulance service? What does it mean to you as an administrator?

Sure, at first pass, you say… “It sure would be nice if I could show the Board a savings of a few hundred dollars by switching billing companies”…but is that what you will really save? Or maybe you’re the administrator of an ambulance service that’s taking a look at the services offered here and you’d like to make a move but there’s another quote on your desk for a half-percent less. Now that other company doesn’t offer the same comprehensive services like we do, but they’re CHEAPer…with CHEAP being the key word.

Stop! Consider this for a minute…

Our clients can testify to the great customer service they receive. Just ask them. If you are a current client, ask yourself if you’re willing to give up that great service and reliability you’ve come to expect in the name of a half-percent difference in processing price. Consider that although the fees may be less; will there be a resulting drop in the number of claims that get paid? Will your company realy save any money in the long run?

To the prospective client reading this right now, ask yourself this question… “Which company, us or the other guys, is better equipped to get more claims paid? Really that is the most important question and not “Who is the CHEAPest?”

If your desire is to see more overall claims get paid, then we know that we are the company for you- cheaper fees or no cheaper fees!

Think twice!

Think twice before you nibble at the price bait. The bargain may not be as big as you think if claims ultimately aren’t getting paid. If you’ve come to get to know and trust the extremely knowledgeable staff who have proven they can get the job done, then no price gimmick in the business can replace the proven and consistently reliable service you have come expect.

Don’t just take our word….ASK!

If you haven’t yet come to trust us, but are taking a good hard look at all that we have to offer you as a potential new client, then don’t take our word for it. Check out our website at http://www.enhancedms.com/ where you will find testimonials from clients who are satisfied they’ve made the switch. Ask us to provide you with client contacts that will back up the fact that it’s not always about the fee, but it’s all about the reliabilty of a consistent reimbursement stream that will be realized by our skilled and knowledgeable staff members here at Enhanced.

Take a minute to logon and tell us about your experiences. Are you a curent client that switched from another billing company and now are experiencing better results? If you don’t mind, please tell us and others about your positive experiences right here!

Or…if you haven’t yet become a client, but would like to know more about what difference we can make for your company just logon and tell us who you are and a little bit about your needs. What do you need an ambulance billing company to be for you? Is excellent customer service and reliability more important than price to you?

Take a minute, logon and tell us your thoughts!

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