Bill to Extend Ambulance Relief Payments for Remainder of 2012 Passes

On the coattails…

The much anticipated “tax cut” bill has been passed by Congress!  Ambulance companies across the United States were holding their collective breath as the temporary Medicare bonus payments of 2% urban, 3% rural and 22.6% super rural were set to once again expire at the end of February.

Through December 31, 2012

The ambulance bonus payment extensions will now be lengthened until the end of the year and rode the coattails of the 2% payroll tax cut for millions of American workers for the remainder of the 2012 calendar year.

Impact Report Slated

As passed, the bill required the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to update the well-known May 2007 report concerning ambulance Medicare reimbursements.  That report found a Medicare 6% shortfall in funding below cost, on average nationwide.

Has the Shortfall Gap Widened?

The ambulance industry is hopeful that a new report will help to further magnify the shortfall in funding and, quite possibly, identify a further funding gap.  It is anticipated that this data will be used to bolster discussions for passage of permanent ambulance fee schedule increases in the upcoming years.
The most recent extension bill will now head to the White House for the President’s signature which is expected.

More to Come…

We will keep you posted regarding the latest developments on this and other subjects as they are announced.  If your billing provider hasn’t kept you informed on these developments, then give us a call to learn more about the services and education provided to our family of clients!

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