You’re a Volunteer!


Today’s blog is primarily directed to our volunteer friends.

Maybe you’re a volunteer administrator that sits on the Board of Directors for your ambulance service. Or, maybe you’re a volunteer provider, EMT or Paramedic, who gives your time to patient care when you’re not working at your “other job.”

Maybe you are both an administrator and a provider.

Kudos to you!

“Mabo Chambo”

Sometimes we received e-mails like this one in our office.

“Well I tried to read the new CMS proposed rules, and have no clue what all that mabo chambo means. Could you please kind a [sic] sort of explain in plain English.”

E-mails like this remind us to continually educate our clients and those we serve in EMS regarding the “fine print” embedded in the things we write about in this space.

We do our best to answer all e-mails within the first 24 hours of receiving them. Of course we may have to get back to you with an answer to the more complex questions, but we’ll at least start the discussion quickly.

We Get It…

We get it when you write or call asking for clarification on certain issues. Sometimes it even takes a while for us to understand certain things. No billing company should consider their clients to be a bother.

We don’t!

Frankly, we do ambulance billing each and every work day. We focus on nothing but ambulance billing here at Enhanced Management Services and yet I can tell you that some rules, regulations and directives require many reads, a lot of discussion, networking with others in the industry and time to ponder.

So for your benefit, we provide every opportunity we can come up with to communicate with you. We have you in mind when we spend time developing things like the blog, our website and documentation training sessions. Our Client Services team was developed for you. Even our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (Google+ coming soon!) serves that primary purpose.

They are all for your benefit.

It Can Get Confusing

EMS is like no other discipline or business. That’s why sometimes it all can get confusing.

EMS is dynamic, ever-changing and very fluid. Technology has propelled the EMS industry by introducing changes at the speed of light. Add your volunteerism and your inability to focus on all these dizzying changes each and every day because you have a real job and a parallel life and it all can pass you by pretty quickly.

Ambulance billing is just one subset of the tasks and developments you have to monitor on behalf of your ambulance service. Just making sure the rig gets out the door and there’s adequate staffing to make that happen (and you’re probably at least half of that staffing solution) can be taxing alone, let alone worry about paying the bills and answering the latest request for yet more information.

Lean on Us

Not all EMS billing companies are created equal. We take the time to work together with you.

EMS billing is our job. So, lean on us!

When you have questions there’s e-mail, the phone and now we even offer Live Chat so clients can interact with Client Services pretty conveniently.

Be sure to tell us what topics you’d like us to write about in this space to help you better understand what’s going on with your organization’s billing program. What information can we provide for you to help you get a grip on your service’s reimbursement picture?

The only bad question is the one that never gets asked!

You’re next

You’re always the most important part of our day. Our workday doesn’t exist if you’re not part of it.

What? You’re current billing company doesn’t communicate with you?

Sounds like it’s time to check us out.

By the way, we know that volunteers primarily work during the day, so if we have to talk or visit with you “after hours” that’s okay too.

You’re a volunteer! You’re busy. We get it.

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