The “Sport” of EMS Billing

A Common Goal…

This weekend brings the biggest sports weekend of the year. Super Bowl weekend pits two big-energy team opponents against each other with one goal in mind.

Win the big one!

Of course, winning the big one is winning the big money and isn’t it all about money in the end anyway?

So, it got us thinking. Heck, that’s what we do together with our clients every day. We team up with our clients- street providers, supervisors, administrators- whomever, to reach a common goal which is more money to make the EMS system better.

The “Sport” of EMS Billing

The Game Plan

All this week the football team from Denver and the team from Seattle have been putting together their game plans. Sure it’s a game. But there’s a science to the game of football. This isn’t a pick-up game, it’s the big game. All year long there are many moving parts stretching across a host of disciplines that have brought each team to this point.

It’s not much different in our business either.

Anyone can set up a computer and a decent printer, connect to the internet and crank out a bill to an insurance company. But just like you don’t want your favorite team on Sunday to show up half-prepared, nor do you want your billing company to show-up less than fully prepared either.

A good billing company has a plan. A good billing company practices that plan, studies the effects of their processes, fine tunes those processes and procedures and makes a science out of it all.

Like a winning football team, good EMS billing doesn’t just happen just like good patient care doesn’t just happen.


Regular readers of this blog know that we are all about training.

If we don’t get the word out to you, the guys and gals that hit the street, treat the patient and prepare the medical necessity document in a well-written Patient Care Report (PCR) then we can’t do our part back at the billing office.

No one person is insignificant. Just like it takes the smart, powerful lineman to execute the game plan and block for the lightning fast running back, so it takes a smart, well-trained EMS patient care provider on the street to provide excellent patient care, smartly collect the necessary information and produce a well-written Patient Care Report to be submitted for billing. Everyone plays an important part in the process.

The result? We all score more dollars, more efficiently for our ambulance company clients.

It’s team work at its best!

Enhanced devotes a lot of time, effort and resources to keep you informed. It’s what sets us apart from other billing companies. Internally, every one of our people is Certified Ambulance Coder (CAC) certified. Well trained billing people mean peace of mind for our clients. That takes time and effort and we won’t have it any other way.

We constantly work on providing you with information to help you give us what we need to make you successful on the business side of the equation.


When Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelley brought his no-huddle, hurry-up offense to the NFL there were naysayers who said that style of play would never fit in the big machine called the National Football League.

But after this year’s winning campaign that saw the Birds make it back to the playoffs for the first time in several years, the skeptics are taking another look.

We know how Coach Kelly feels.

When we had the foresight, years ago, to introduce patients the opportunity to provide information and pay their ambulance bills securely via the Internet, we know there were those who wondered why all the focus?

The simple answer…we want to work together with you so you have the easiest way to track your billing program, unfiltered by us and all the while have a quick way to communicate with us when you need to do so in a hurry.

While other billing companies downplay the importance of adhering to strict compliance standards and pitch a message that there isn’t a need for a partnership between client and the billing company, we are out there promoting a different game plan.

Continual back-and-forth communication about documentation and the strength of your company’s PCR’s is a huge step toward helping everyone in the loop know what their role is and how important that role is to the overall vitality of your individual EMS company.

It takes imagination to make that happen. Enhanced is always thinking of ways to make this EMS billing “thing” easier for the patient, the client and that means focusing on the vital interaction that has to take place on a daily basis. It’s why we’re successful in collecting more cash for our ambulance company clients.

Time to join the team?

So, is it time to team up with us?

We think so.

Current clients; keep on doing what you’re doing. You’re the best! When you need us, we’ll be there. We’re easy to reach and now you have an app that makes it even easier!

And…don’t forget to tell your neighbors. You know first-hand what we do best. Your neighboring ambulance service may not be so lucky to work with a billing company that gets it. You can help them by sharing the great experience you have every day as our client.

Not a current client? Tired of not being able to get reports you need? Tired of talking with billing office people that have no clue what they’re talking about?

Then make the call today.

The goal’s clear. You need to score more money but you need it collected the right way.

Set a game plan to contact us today to reach your goals. Together we’ll “win the big one” and score more reimbursement for your department than you ever thought possible!

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