The Significance of One Hundred

Late last week, we published our 100th blog post. It’s not something we were anxiously counting down to, nor waiting to celebrate—that’s just not our style. In fact, the “centennial” wasn’t even on our radar, and (quite honestly) we discovered it by happenstance.

The Significance of One Hundred

In realization of this milestone however, we did take some time to reflect on the significance of our achievement. Here’s a look at what we uncovered:

  • The blog began 5 years ago, back on March 31, 2009. Aw shucks, we missed our 5-year anniversary.
  • We had our highest peak (to date) on November 9th of 2012. The topic that week? Medicare Revalidation process. If you’d like to travel back in time, here’s the link to that post.
  • Over the history of the Ambulance Billing Services blog, we’ve had more than 73,000 page views.

In looking at all the statistics, we kept coming back to the same realization… our success can be attributed to one very important factor: our audience. Without you, we would not have a reason to blog. So for that, we say ‘Thank You’ 73,000 times over! We hope that along the way you have learned a lot, and were entertained too.

We admit that reaching 100 blog posts is a pretty cool milestone. So here’s to another 100–we hope you stay with us for the journey. We look forward to continuing to educate and inform you with each and every blog post. Thank you for being such loyal readers!

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