Labor of Love

More than a 3-Day Weekend

Writing this post on a Friday, we can say that we’re a workday away from the nice 3-day weekend known as the Labor Day weekend in the United States. The first Monday in September, officially was set aside as a Federal holiday in 1894 when the trade unions and growing labor movement in the United States started to flex their muscle.

Labor of LoveIt’s a day, a weekend, to honor the hard work and dedication of so many American workers regardless of occupation. It’s more than a 3-day weekend, it’s celebration and a time to take a step back and give kudos to the American worker.

EMS Deserves the Recognition

Unlike other workers in your community, as an EMS provider you may or may not get to enjoy the big weekend. Many of you will be working to protect the communities you serve while others enjoy their time off.

In fact, many of you may have extra duty shifts to pull because of the big weekend, depending on whether or not your EMS agency covers special events, parades, resort areas or similar venues.

EMS deserves all the recognition in the world. You are experiencing long hours, sleep deprivation, multiple EMS jobs to pay the bills because you love EMS – could be working somewhere else for more pay – but love the rush you experience when you save a life.

Take a well-deserve bow because you are awesome.

No matter the role…

So whether you’re an administrator worried about budgets and purchasing, or a supervisor who’s trying to fill a schedule that looks like Swiss cheese because EVERYONE wants to take off for the weekend, an EMS provider who is closing out hour 23 of a 24 and you just worked your latest cardiac arrest or you’re the billing office PCR nazi who constantly has to keep up with PCR production…no matter the role…you are IMPORTANT!

Your community relies on you when they are sick, injured and dying. No matter the role you play, EMS is a team sport and without YOU, none of this happens. In this day and age where fewer young people are stepping up to the plate to volunteer and/or study hard to fill the next career staff position, you are more important than ever.

Your skills and knowledge, whether you are fresh out of training or a seasoned veteran makes a difference and don’t forget it!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

So we pause for a week in this space to celebrate each and every one of you! Thank you for what you do to serve your neighbor in his/her time of need.

If you’re working this weekend, DOUBLE THANK YOU! Someone, somewhere will gain an extended lease on life because of your efforts. If you have the chance to take the entire weekend off, sit back, relax, refresh and enjoy your personal time with those you love.

Happy Labor Day to everyone in the EMS community from all of us at Enhanced Management Services, Inc. (oh, and a special BIG THANK YOU to all of our hard-working and dedicated Team Members…you are all the BEST!!)

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