The Moms of EMS- A Tribute


Sunday’s a big day!

It’s Mother’s Day. It’s a day that we celebrate the one person we literally cannot do without simply because…well…we physically wouldn’t be here without our moms.

And…that got us thinking about the Mom’s that make up EMS. What will their Sunday look like?

The Moms of EMS- A Tribute


It’s all about the alert!

You know, the dispatch. Whether it be a Minitor chirping, an alpha-numeric pager tripping or the Active 911 blast across the cell phone screen, it’s bound to interrupt mom’s day.

Many of our EMS moms are volunteers. The person with an emergency will pay little mind to the fact that Sunday, Mother’s Day, is set aside to honor those EMS moms. The heart attack, stroke, motor vehicle crash…unfortunately, does not know that this day is meant for rest, relaxation and pampering.

It happens and almost always just when we all sit down for a nice meal or meaningful conversation with that mom. Maybe it’s the daughter who just sat down to tell mom how important she is and off trips the pager. Maybe it’s the mom who just welcomed her son for a Mother’s Day visit but Mrs. Smith down the street fell and needs EMS.

Off runs mom to answer the alert and everyone at home is just going to need to sit tight and wait for mom to return to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Career Shift

An EMS mom can be a career staffer at your community ambulance service. Sunday is her day to work regardless of whether or not the calendar says it’s Mother’s Day.

Hallmark card aside, today is a work day. There are lives to save and people to move.

So, off to work mom goes. Maybe her Mother’s Day was the day before or maybe it will be Monday, the day after. But, duty calls and since EMS never takes a day off “the show must go on.”

Supporting Cast

EMS moms aren’t just limited to the providers. Think about all of the moms of EMS that work in the office.

Near and dear to our heart, here in the billing office, are all of the moms that fill our incredible billing chairs. These ladies (and men- but today we celebrate the moms) work diligently to support the field operations. Without their tireless work there would be little to no financial resources to support those vital field ops. Take these ladies out of the equation and the EMS machine would grind to a screeching halt because there would be no financial fuel to keep things humming.

On top of the billers, there are those moms that sit on boards of directors, take care of human resources, pay the bills, order the supplies and…on and on and on.

The Multitaskers

In this tribute to our EMS moms, we recognize the moms who are the multitaskers.

In our opinion, EMS moms- more than most- bring multitasking to a whole new level. Before and after moving patients, they move a lot of people and “stuff.”

The EMS mom moves her family on the heels of moving her patients. There are little people to move to soccer practice, dance recitals or music lessons. The groceries must be purchased, loaded, unloaded and the food must be prepared (or McDonalds must be retrieved for those pressed for time.)

The bills at home must be paid, clothes washed, sleepy people to be roused and then there’s (maybe) time to fall into bed and do it all over again- that is unless mom’s shift at the ambulance station is third shift.

EMS thrives on many tasks, constant activity and little sleep. We’re of the opinion that the EMS mom is THE BEST at this over any mom created. God gave special super-human skill and ability to the EMS mom…and it shows.

Take a Bow!

In closing, will the EMS mom reading this post please…TAKE A BOW!

You’ve earned our highest respect and admiration. You are the embodiment of the Super Mom!

Thank you to those of you who make the time to be awesome in the role you play to protect the life and health as part of the EMS system.

Sunday’s YOUR day.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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