Happy Thanksgiving from a non-blogger

By Scott Powell CEO of Quick Med Claims

First, let me manage expectations – and this will become clear as you read this – I am NOT a blogger. I don’t play one on TV, and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

Happy Thanksgiving From A Non-Blogger

That said, I was asked to share my thoughts on being Thankful. The request was a really good reminder that I need to focus more on all the good things that happen every single day, not just at this time of year. It’s easy to focus more energy on the problems we encounter. Most of us want to be ‘fixers’, so we focus more on what’s not working than celebrating what IS working. I am fortunate to have a teammate who can read me pretty well, and often reminds me to think about how much the good outweighs the bad when I get into that rut.

When I shift my mindset, it’s amazing to think of all the good things in my life. So I thought I would share some. To paraphrase a quote I have heard, ‘enjoy the little things, as one day, you will realize they were really BIG things.’ So here are a few ‘little things’ I am THANKFUL for…


Team Members and Teachers. You can’t do anything without a great team. And great teams consist of people with diverse skillsets, and whose strengths complement each other. Strong teams have respect for each other and can have honest, open, and sometimes uncomfortable discussions. And in the end, come together for a common goal. Teachers come in all forms – they can be teachers in the true sense and part of your formal education, but they also can be parents, coaches or mentors. Regardless of the role they play, they help shape you as a person.


Health – don’t take it for granted. For the longest time, I did. I don’t need to lecture anyone here.


Acceptance – I am grateful for people who take me for who I am. They put up with lots of questions. And they really put up with sarcasm!


Never a dull day! Variety is what keeps me going. The flow of the day rarely goes the way I plan. But I prefer it that way. It surely prevents boredom and really keeps you on your toes.


Kindness – Receiving an act of kindness can really turn your day around. It’s so easy to be kind. Smile at someone, open a door for them, offer them a hand when their hands are full, ask them how they are doing. It really takes no effort, and it doesn’t cost anything either.


Family and Friends. Especially friends who have become family.


Unicorn cookies! I may have gone off the rails here. But those who know me, know my body is not crafted by vegetables alone (or maybe at all?). I am fortunate to have a wife who is a great cook and baker. So when I get the sugar cookies with multi-colored white chocolate chips, you just can’t pass them up.


Laughter. There is nothing better than someone who can make you laugh, or you making them laugh. If you can’t get them to laugh, get them to giggle! Try it. It really is contagious! And it will make you feel better.

So there you have it – some things that I am Thankful for. And you should be Thankful I am not a regular blogger!! Happy Thanksgiving to all…

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