Case Studies

A Model of Consistency

Ground Ambulance Transport Provider

A local ground EMS service completes more than 40,000 patient transports a year, the largest and most complex EMS operation in the region. For more than 10 years, QMC had successfully maximized reimbursement and often received praise for our ability to work claims to their fullest.


In that 10 year period, our standard of operation and processes resulted in more than $280,000 revenue increase per year for the City.


Due to procurement regulations the City chose to go out to bid in 2015. In response to the City’s request for proposal, a competitor decided to bid aggressively and submitted a proposal which was 0.7% less than the QMC proposal, amounting to ~$84,000 in cost savings. The City chose to award the contract to this competitor, notifying QMC of its decision in January of 2016.

A Model of Consistency

The new billing vendor fell short and did not live up to the City’s expectations, in spite of many attempts to rectify the matter:

  • The intent to save dollars resulted in an approximate $3 million loss to the City’s operation, even with the EMS service completing an 3,000 additional transports.
  • The City exercised it’s right to terminate the current vendor contract and re-issue a formal request of proposal.

As a result of the process, QMC was once again chosen as the successful bidder.

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