Fire Service Leaders And AAA Disagree 11 02 2018

Fire Service Leaders and AAA Disagree on Approach to Cost Reporting

Fire Service Leaders and AAA Disagree on Approach to Cost Reporting Locked Horns Leaders from the top American fire service organizations and the American Ambulance Association recently, publicly locked horns over the proposed approach to the new Congressional Medicare cost reporting mandate. In a show of fire service solidarity, the International Association of Fire Chief […]

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Medicare Add-On Payments- Time is Running Out!

Medicare Add-On Payments- Time is Running Out! Five Months! Five Months have passed since Senators Stabenow, Roberts, Leahy, Collins and Schumer introduced S. 967 entitled the “Medicare Ambulance Access, Fraud Prevention and Reform Act of 2017” and yet the legislation has not passed. Companion bill H.R. 3236 also remains in limbo. What’s worse- the ambulance […]

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EMS Facing Uncertainty in 2017

EMS Facing Uncertainty in 2017 Happy New Year! We’re just two weeks from shouting Happy New Year! The year 2017 is just around the corner and the ambulance industry faces unusual uncertainties surrounding funding and reimbursements in the upcoming year. Just before we begin the two-week celebration of Christmas and New Years Day, we thought […]

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Medicare for All?

Medicare for All? Feel the Burn After two weeks of the major party political conventions, we can truthfully say we “feel the burn!” Hold on…we’re not taking political sides. Note that it’s “burn” and not “Bern” that we feel, as in “burn out.” Our presidential campaigns in the United States are far too long. After […]

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The Power of EMS in Politics

The Power of EMS in Politics What’s it all mean? It’s hard to ignore that we are fast rolling into the election cycle to choose the next President of the United States. Media outlets everywhere are bombarding us with the latest sound bites and poll numbers, ad nauseum. But, what’s it all mean for EMS. […]

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ICD-10 Behind the Scenes

ICD-10 Behind the Scenes The stuff you don’t see… In previous blog posts we talked a lot about the new ICD-10 diagnosis code conversation set to take place on October 1st, primarily focusing on the things we see- namely documentation and the interpretation of the Patient Care Report documentation in the billing office that turns […]

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