Beware Of The Compliance Warning Signs

Beware of the Compliance Warning Signs!

Beware of the Compliance Warning Signs! Big Bucks! It has always been important for any ambulance billing program to follow the narrow road of compliance. But now more than ever and with big bucks on the line, it’s important that every EMS administrator heed the compliance warning signs. The headlines tell of those who either […]

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Take Compliance Seriously- Or…It Will Cost You!

Take Compliance Seriously- Or…It Will Cost You! In the News Recently, some scary EMS articles have been published. Here are some headlines… Fla. Ambulance company to pay 1.2M in federal whistle-blower lawsuit <Company name redacted> settles Medicare fraud suite for 12.7M Ambulance company owner sentenced to prison for fraud Feds crack down on Medicare ambulance […]

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Compliance Isn’t Easy

Compliance Isn’t Easy Being Deliberate If your EMS agency is going to strive to be 100% compliant with all of the rules and regulations that we all have to navigate in the EMS billing arena, then it means that your organizational culture must be deliberate. Compliance isn’t easy. The problem with what we have just […]

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Railroad Medicare Cites 32.6% Denial Rate in Widespread Review

Railroad Medicare Cites 32.6% Denial Rate in Widespread Review Here we go again… The Railroad Medicare program, administered by government contractor Palmetto Government Benefits Administrators (Palmetto GBA) has published the results of their latest “widespread review” of BLS Non-Emergency Transports. Here we go again… Continually, our industry is turning in dismal audit results with this […]

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New Stuff From Medicare

New Stuff From Medicare Two Updates Two recent Medicare updates carrying a potential impact on your EMS agency’s cash flow, complete with compliance implications popped up on our radar screen recently. Today’s blog will focus on those two updates. MUEs The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently updated the list of what they call […]

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How Severe is Severe?

How Severe is Severe? Part III Welcome to Part III of our “Documentation as a Habit” series! Two weeks ago we embarked on this series noting the necessity for EMS agencies to be intentional about Patient Care Report documentation review. The series focused on explaining the coding considerations that every EMS provider must consider when […]

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