How Severe is Severe?

How Severe is Severe? Part III Welcome to Part III of our “Documentation as a Habit” series! Two weeks ago we embarked on this series noting the necessity for EMS agencies to be intentional about Patient Care Report documentation review. The series focused on explaining the coding considerations that every EMS provider must consider when […]

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The Bad Apples Ruin the Whole Bunch

The Bad Apples Ruin the Whole Bunch 1 in 5! Just one week ago, the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released a nationwide report citing questionable Medicare billing practices by ambulance suppliers, nationwide. The OIG reports that 1 in 5 ambulance providers has engaged in “questionable billing” practices. […]

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Taking Aim at System Abusers

Taking Aim at System Abusers Past History- “Villainizing” the Service Providers If you follow the news regarding entitlements like we do, then you have probably noticed a growing trend toward what we consider to be the “villainizing” of healthcare providers that bill Medicare and Medicaid. Everyone seems to want to blame the ills of the […]

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Repeat Patient Pitfalls

Repeat Patient Pitfalls “Frequent Flyers” We label patients in the ambulance industry. Fairly or unfairly, we group patients together and we do so by placing them into “buckets” based on how we interact with them. One of the most problematic and let’s face it, sometimes disturbing, patient populations are the “Frequent Flyers.” Drawing the term […]

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