Balance Billing and Air Medical Transport

Balance Billing and Air Medical Transport Bloggers note- Welcome to Week One of a Two-Part blog series focusing on Balance Billing and Air Medical Transport. This week we’ll look at the issue at hand complete with a brief history lesson on how we arrived at today and where things stand currently with regard to the […]

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The Power of the “Pre-Auth”!

The Power of the “Pre-Auth”! Necessary Evil! The American healthcare picture has increasingly become more complex. The advent of the Affordable Care Act and other changes have ushered in literally thousands of new healthcare insurance coverage options. These options change all the time and each year new plans with new rules and requirements spring up. […]

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Historic Election- Now What?

Historic Election- Now What? You’ve Lived History How many of you stayed up most, if not all night on Election Day? As EMS providers, most of us are used to weird hours and sleep deprivation anyway. Even if you were alerted for a call, our guess is you found yourself huddled around the TV screen in […]

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5 Costly EMS Documentation Mistakes

5 Costly EMS Documentation Mistakes Here are the five EMS documentation mistakes that deny patients coverage they deserve and EMS agencies fair compensation for their services By Steve Johnson One of the most frustrating scenarios for EMS agencies is the denial of coverage for ambulance transport for far too many patients. In the vast majority […]

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Insurance Coverage Doesn’t Mean Insurance Payment

Insurance Coverage Doesn’t Mean Insurance Payment In the news… The local newspaper that serves the area surrounding the offices featured a story about a large hospital system in this area that is realizing significantly lower insurance payments as the effects of the Affordable Healthcare Act (a.k.a. “Obamacare”) kick in. “Just because there are more insured, […]

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