Understanding Ground Ambulance Charges

Understanding Ground Ambulance Charges Often Questioned Here at the billing office, we are often questioned about the gross charge fee schedule used by our clients when billing. This is a line item list of charges that are included on the bill and combine to create a total dollar amount bill for the services offered by […]

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The “Face” of Your EMS

The “Face” of Your EMS “Face?” Whether you realize it or not, the EMS agency you serve has a face and it’s you! It’s the impression that is left behind in the eyes of the patient, his/her family and/or the people that surround him including, by extension, facility staff and those in the overall care […]

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The Power of a Beginner’s Mindset

The Power of a Beginner’s Mindset This week… This week several of us in the billing office had the pleasure of taking a day to re-evaluate our leadership skills. Business coach Jim Riviello of Leadership X University, author and business motivator, spent a memorable day with us as we examined our impact on the EMS […]

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Compliance Isn’t Easy

Compliance Isn’t Easy Being Deliberate If your EMS agency is going to strive to be 100% compliant with all of the rules and regulations that we all have to navigate in the EMS billing arena, then it means that your organizational culture must be deliberate. Compliance isn’t easy. The problem with what we have just […]

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Documentation Review as a Habit

Documentation Review as a Habit Put it on the calendar! Because more than ever before, detailed clear clinical documentation in the Patient Care Report (PCR) is critical to the mission, it’s time for every EMS agency to pick a date and time to regularly meet and discuss run sheet documentation. Of course, this blog space is […]

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Properly Executing the Medicare ABN-Part III

Properly Executing the Medicare ABN-Part III In today’s blog post, we wrap up the written version of Medicare Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage blog series with a video demonstration. Below, Chuck presents a brief introduction, followed by walk-through explanation of the ABN form. Introduction Executing the Medicare ABN Form NOTE: You can watch a larger version of each […]

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Properly Executing the Medicare ABN-Part II

Properly Executing the Medicare ABN-Part II Last Week Thanks for returning to read out two-part series, Properly Executing the Medicare ABN. Last week we introduced the Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) to you and explained the theory behind the use of this government- issued form. You’ll recall that we explained that the ABN is […]

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