The “Continuous Monitoring” Factor for Inter-facility, Non-emergency Ambulance Transports

The “Continuous Monitoring” Factor for Inter-facility, Non-emergency Ambulance Transports From the Open Door Forum One of the staples of being an ambulance biller is religiously following any information provided by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Ambulance billers can easily follow CMS by participating in the Ambulance Open Door Forum audio-conferences. The Open […]

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Movement Barriers and Medical Necessity

Movement Barriers and Medical Necessity Outside-the-Norm Questions Our office receives questions from our EMS agency clients, periodically, regarding patients that have some kind of movement barrier connected to the treatment/transport scenario. These are the patients that have some sort of physical or structural challenge that exists between where they reside and the point where they […]

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Between the Lines

Between the Lines Never a Time We’re going to begin this post with a blunt statement. There is never a time when your ambulance billing office can read between the lines! We talk A LOT about the documentation of ambulance transports in this space. Today we’re going to get about as fundament as we can […]

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Insurance Coverage Doesn’t Mean Insurance Payment

Insurance Coverage Doesn’t Mean Insurance Payment In the news… The local newspaper that serves the area surrounding the offices featured a story about a large hospital system in this area that is realizing significantly lower insurance payments as the effects of the Affordable Healthcare Act (a.k.a. “Obamacare”) kick in. “Just because there are more insured, […]

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Taking Aim at System Abusers

Taking Aim at System Abusers Past History- “Villainizing” the Service Providers If you follow the news regarding entitlements like we do, then you have probably noticed a growing trend toward what we consider to be the “villainizing” of healthcare providers that bill Medicare and Medicaid. Everyone seems to want to blame the ills of the […]

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The “Sport” of EMS Billing

The “Sport” of EMS Billing A Common Goal… This weekend brings the biggest sports weekend of the year. Super Bowl weekend pits two big-energy team opponents against each other with one goal in mind. Win the big one! Of course, winning the big one is winning the big money and isn’t it all about money […]

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Family, Friends and Responsible Persons

Family, Friends and Responsible Persons That time of year… Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years is a time to get together with family and friends. In the spirit of the season, we’ll take a few lines to discuss the importance of gathering relationship and guarantor information as part of the documentation you prepare following your EMS […]

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Discovering the Weakness about “Weakness”

Discovering the Weakness about “Weakness” Common Scenario If we earned a dollar for every “weakness” response we’ve handled over the years, collectively we could more than adequately fund every EMS system in the United States with the newest trucks, latest equipment and all providers would be driving some expensive European luxury car. But, now that […]

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What a Pain!

What a Pain! We do pain! A lot of what we do in EMS involves patients in pain. Pain is a key component of medical emergencies and traumatic injuries of all shapes and sizes. While it may not be the patient’s chief complaint, there’s no doubt that a majority of the scenarios we respond include a […]

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