Resources Where They’re Needed

Resources Where They’re Needed A Mini Rant Lately a lot of people are ranting about something. So we hope you’ll indulge us today as we offer up a bit of a mini rant. Those of us who live in the money game of ambulance reimbursement, be it EMS administrator, billing office or provider, have become […]

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The Power of the “Pre-Auth”!

The Power of the “Pre-Auth”! Necessary Evil! The American healthcare picture has increasingly become more complex. The advent of the Affordable Care Act and other changes have ushered in literally thousands of new healthcare insurance coverage options. These options change all the time and each year new plans with new rules and requirements spring up. […]

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Friday Night Lights, EMS and ICD-10

Friday Night Lights, EMS and ICD-10 It all Begins Tonight! Our billing office headquarters is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania and tonight is one of the biggest nights of the year. High school football is king in Pennsylvania and tonight is the kick-off night for the 2016 season. This reminds us that young people everywhere, even […]

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Insurance Coverage Doesn’t Mean Insurance Payment

Insurance Coverage Doesn’t Mean Insurance Payment This year, for the first time in 8 years, we’ll elect a new President in the United States of America. Healthcare issues have been on the radar screen for many years. President Obama brought us the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare”. Much has been written about the effects of […]

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Details! It’s not rocket science… Just a few weeks ago we were having a conversation with one of our EMS billing clients and while discussing this manager’s frustration about the quality of his staff’s documentation in their patient care reports he simply blurted out… “It’s not rocket science, for Pete’s sake, it’s just that they […]

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Using the Buddy System to Prepare PCRs

Using the Buddy System to Prepare PCRs Where’d the day go? As a billing company, we often hear tales of woe as the administrative persons we work with share their challenges over getting their staff to complete Patient Care Reports in regular fashion. Let’s face it, EMS is a busy world. We’ve all had those days […]

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Be Careful What You Say!

Be Careful What You Say! The Quick Answer The quick answer will get you every time! You know, the patient asks you a question you quickly answer with an off-the-cuff answer. And then… realize…. “Oops…maybe I shouldn’t have said that.” Too late now! Where are we going with this? Invariably, questions fielded about billing in […]

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