Compliance Isn’t Easy

Compliance Isn’t Easy Being Deliberate If your EMS agency is going to strive to be 100% compliant with all of the rules and regulations that we all have to navigate in the EMS billing arena, then it means that your organizational culture must be deliberate. Compliance isn’t easy. The problem with what we have just […]

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Freestanding Emergency Rooms and Ambulance Billing

Freestanding Emergency Rooms and Ambulance Billing Training Week This week was a training week for our ambulance billing office. Each year we take a full day out of our normal routine, in addition to our ongoing training regimen, to host a representative from the National Academy of Ambulance Coding for a day of immersed training […]

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Resources Where They’re Needed

Resources Where They’re Needed A Mini Rant Lately a lot of people are ranting about something. So we hope you’ll indulge us today as we offer up a bit of a mini rant. Those of us who live in the money game of ambulance reimbursement, be it EMS administrator, billing office or provider, have become […]

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The Power of the “Pre-Auth”!

The Power of the “Pre-Auth”! Necessary Evil! The American healthcare picture has increasingly become more complex. The advent of the Affordable Care Act and other changes have ushered in literally thousands of new healthcare insurance coverage options. These options change all the time and each year new plans with new rules and requirements spring up. […]

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Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location Last Week Last week we launched a new blog series focusing on the need for creating a habit of reviewing Patient Care Report documentation. As we unpackaged that discussion, we drilled into the documentation needed to support medical necessity and as such the documentation needed to support the ultimate diagnosis coding of […]

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Medicare for All?

Medicare for All? Feel the Burn After two weeks of the major party political conventions, we can truthfully say we “feel the burn!” Hold on…we’re not taking political sides. Note that it’s “burn” and not “Bern” that we feel, as in “burn out.” Our presidential campaigns in the United States are far too long. After […]

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Emergency! – Digging Deeper to Define

Emergency! – Digging Deeper to Define Lights and Sirens Myth This billing office is often questioned about what constitutes an emergency for the purposes of billing and collecting payment. There’s a myth in EMS that any ambulance incident that necessitates the use of “lights and sirens” is an emergency. It’s not the case. We look […]

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Illegal Drugs and EMS Impact- Staying Afloat

Illegal Drugs and EMS Impact- Staying Afloat An Epidemic The Washington Post devoted an entire byline story in 2015 to one Pennsylvania County; The heroin epidemic’s toll: One county, 70 minutes, eight overdoses (The Washington Post, Bernstein, August 23, 2015) By the time that day had ended, 16 overdose calls were dispatched to local emergency medical services […]

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