Documenting Cardiac Arrests For Billing

Documenting Cardiac Arrests for Billing

Documenting Cardiac Arrests for Billing Challenging Scenarios We’re sure that you’ll agree with us that patient cardiac arrests present the most challenging of scenarios EMS providers encounter in the field. Documenting arrest scenarios also presents challenges following the run. Once we have had time to step back and think about the event, that’s when we […]

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Influenza The Ambulance Documentation

Influenza. The Ambulance. Documentation.

Influenza. The Ambulance. Documentation. An Annual Topic It’s flu season once again. Given that this blog originates from a desk located in the northeastern United States, we can tell you that the flu has hit here with a vengeance. H1N1 is back to visit and was predominantly prevalent across the United States with influenza A […]

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CMS Opens Wider Window with Templates

CMS Opens Wider Window with Templates Open Door = Open Window Just a few weeks ago, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) opened a wider window for those of us in the ambulance industry to take a look at the future direction for supporting documentation expectations. Part of the Patients Over Paperwork Project, […]

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Emergency! – Digging Deeper to Define

Emergency! – Digging Deeper to Define Bloggers Note- this week our billing office had a discussion with a client to help provide direction on the question of what constitutes an emergency and the documenting of the use of “lights and sirens”. The discussion is common. Just about two years ago, we added a blog post […]

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Clear. Clinical. Documentation.

Clear. Clinical. Documentation. Bloggers note- we posted this blog almost a year ago to the day. It’s one of those topics that never gets old and the information remains as important as it was the first day we posted it. All of us must keep this important concept in mind when documenting our EMS transports. […]

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The Power of a Beginner’s Mindset

The Power of a Beginner’s Mindset This week… This week several of us in the billing office had the pleasure of taking a day to re-evaluate our leadership skills. Business coach Jim Riviello of Leadership X University, author and business motivator, spent a memorable day with us as we examined our impact on the EMS […]

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Winter Flu Season- How to Document?

Winter Flu Season- How to Document? Holidays Behind Us…Enter Flu Season We trust that you had a wonderful holiday season filled with many WARM memories (and we emphasize WARM!) We’re back to our normal routine so let’s dig into a direct documentation topic…. How to document transports that are initiated either directly or indirectly due […]

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